So I hear they’re gonna be delayed. I – I mean my parents – need that money !

How can they delay the shit they take from us without having to pay us a lil extra but when we happen to miss the due date for some shit we pay a damn FEE? Even if it’s just a day ! It’s for every little thing. Heck, y’all wouldn’t be so broke and shit if y’all ain’t try to be so big all the time and help out other damn countries in trouble while you just ignoring the troubles your country has had for years. Oh, let’s help out Japan and Haiti (that’s so nice of them though) and ignore the starving people all over the damn country. Oh, let’s aid those Europeans in protesting that shit while we ignore our butt licking citizens’ protests against SOPA/ACTA/PIPA. Which reminds me, FUCK YOU LAMAR SMITH. Kiss my ass you donkey balls eating fucker.

Yea.. again I have no idea if I made sense cause I just typed whatever the hell I was thinking. Yea, I read over it a bit just to make sure it flowed nicely enough to be understood.