Yesss my very first post 🙂

Let’s start this blog off by introducing me, the author who can’t write. So … hi. You can call me LiLi. My age is of no importance. I am of Vietnamese descent (Asian pride chyeaaa 😉 ) My hobbies include drawing and reading manga , specifically yaoi. If you don’t know what that is I’d advised you not to look it up. Just know that I am a supporter of gay rights. I like to write from time to time but I do not know how to put my ideas or thoughts onto paper (if I could write like Edgar Allen Poe I’d be so happy) so the things usually turn out lame and in the trash. I sorta kinda watch football. I like the Saints and the Steelers.  I’m pretty shy and reserved when I associating with strangers in person and through phone but once you get to know me I’d be a totally different person. I’ve been described as crazy, funny, fun, “lesbian” (I’ll explain more in probably the next post), pretty, short, stupid, slow, retarded, and smart.

WARNINGS : In this blog you WILL see NSFW images from time to time. Lots of profanity will also be used.