The manga has me so fuckin’ lost right now -_- Stupid memory of mine doesn’t contribute any more to my understanding.

So basically Allen went bye bye. Something happened with Kanda so he bye bye too ? The midget with glasses left the Order so .. he’s also bye bye. The two run into Allen performing as a clown in the streets. Attack. Save a girl. Kanda wipes Allen’s face off. Yadee yadee yada. Allen’s turning into the 14th. Something happens. IDK. I gotta read over some more chapters so I can get a better understanding of the plot. I guess this is what I get for skimming over the shit and not actually reading.

Also … my memory is linking “finder” and the manga together. I believe that was the word for those people that aid the exorcists or whatever in missions. They haven’t appeared much lately. Well, I guess it is due to the lack of missions ever since that jumble of mess.

That reminds me ! I must rant about Ao no Exorcist … I hate the blonde girl so much I can’t even remember her name ..