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So I hear they’re gonna be delayed. I – I mean my parents – need that money !

How can they delay the shit they take from us without having to pay us a lil extra but when we happen to miss the due date for some shit we pay a damn FEE? Even if it’s just a day ! It’s for every little thing. Heck, y’all wouldn’t be so broke and shit if y’all ain’t try to be so big all the time and help out other damn countries in trouble while you just ignoring the troubles your country has had for years. Oh, let’s help out Japan and Haiti (that’s so nice of them though) and ignore the starving people all over the damn country. Oh, let’s aid those Europeans in protesting that shit while we ignore our butt licking citizens’ protests against SOPA/ACTA/PIPA. Which reminds me, FUCK YOU LAMAR SMITH. Kiss my ass you donkey balls eating fucker.

Yea.. again I have no idea if I made sense cause I just typed whatever the hell I was thinking. Yea, I read over it a bit just to make sure it flowed nicely enough to be understood.


The manga has me so fuckin’ lost right now -_- Stupid memory of mine doesn’t contribute any more to my understanding.

So basically Allen went bye bye. Something happened with Kanda so he bye bye too ? The midget with glasses left the Order so .. he’s also bye bye. The two run into Allen performing as a clown in the streets. Attack. Save a girl. Kanda wipes Allen’s face off. Yadee yadee yada. Allen’s turning into the 14th. Something happens. IDK. I gotta read over some more chapters so I can get a better understanding of the plot. I guess this is what I get for skimming over the shit and not actually reading.

Also … my memory is linking “finder” and the manga together. I believe that was the word for those people that aid the exorcists or whatever in missions. They haven’t appeared much lately. Well, I guess it is due to the lack of missions ever since that jumble of mess.

That reminds me ! I must rant about Ao no Exorcist … I hate the blonde girl so much I can’t even remember her name ..

I don’t give a crap about people’s art work (not yet anyways).

I don’t give a crap about what the heck is going on in the political world.

I don’t give a crap about what is going on in the celebrity world.

I don’t give a crap about what’s going on in the news.

I don’t give a crap about sports.

And I sure as hell don’t give a crap about travel or business.

Photography is nice though.

I want a blog that talks about the blogger’s life and thoughts. I mean, isn’t that what blogs are? Not stupid dumb pages that just inform you on what the heck is happening in some area? I joined this stupid website in the first place so I could take a glimpse at how others’ lives are and how others feel. I could care less about how some team gained an extra two points for a touchdown cause they did it good.

ARGH . I’m stupid don’t listen to me. I’m just a girl who is clueless about blogging and putting her thoughts into words so her shit just comes out a big ball of mush.

It ruined my day. The game sucked. The Giants won. My dad’s a fag.

I don’t like either teams but I sure as hell didn’t want the Giants .. THE GIANTS … to win the Superbowl. And what the fuck is with this shit? Why the hell did two of the shittest teams make it to the Superbowl ? HECK! At least they don’t suck as bad as the Cowboys. Oh and half-time sucked ass. Madonna is too damn old to be performing now matter how great the shape she’s in. Her singing is horrible.

I hope I don’t offend anyone by sayin’ my dad’s a fag. He’s just a stupid dumb bitch. My momma, my oh so caring mother, deserves so much better than him. He cares for nothing but money and himself. This mane has one day off from work a week and he, whether we have money or not, takes his broke ass on down to the casino and gambles the whole fuckin’ day away. The WHOLE fuckin’ day. Consider my momma’s – your wife’s – feelings for once. She’s stuck at home every day of the week and she can hardly ever get out because her english is bad and she has no friends (because she can never get out of the house). She’s a nice woman. She deserves so much better than a man that would chose the casino over his family any day.

Birthday? Only his is celebrated. Happy Birthday is not even told. Anniversary? He doesn’t even know the day. Valentine’s? SEX. No love. No gifts. Christmas? He’d rather not spend that money. When it comes to problems my momma has , he rather not discuss it. For instance, recently my mother thinks she has diabetes so she wants to go to the doctor for diabetes or whatever. He responds with “You must really want to have it since you’re always bringing it up”. WTF? And when your teeth broke cause of old age you went to get it checked right away. But when my momma’s tooth was causing her SO much pain and needed to be pulled out he was all “It’ll go away. Just take some Advil.” WHAT. THE. FLYING. FUCK ? When she’s sick he doesn’t even ask if she’s okay.

My mom’s nice so she whenever she has a problem with him, she doesn’t say it. She just keeps it to herself unless the problem is really big. I went through his phone one time and I saw porn all in his history. I took it to my mom and luckily he was in the shower so I could show it to her without him knowing. At first she didn’t say nothing but when she decided to check another day she finally snapped. She talked to him about it. She was talking all calm but he decides to raise his voice. All she said was she don’t like him watching it cause he already got her. She said sum else too but I didn’t hear. Then here he comes, out of a perfectly calm conversation yellin’ bout how he too old for that and that if she wants a divorce she can have it. I’m like wtf. Because he’s older he’d watch it and where did divorce come from? I cried. Every time he hurts her I hurt to.

Oh, and gifts. My mother isn’t materialistic so she doesn’t ask for much. All she wants is for him to show him he loves her. She doesn’t spend much money on herself since she knows we don’t have much extra to spend. Even if we do, she rather spend it on us, her children. She doesn’t want them every other day, just Valentine’s Day, her birthday, and Christmas. She also wants him to take her and the rest of the family out somewhere to have fun from time to time but he can’t even do that. He’d rather head on down to the casino and have fun by himself. He takes us sometimes too but of course we don’t enjoy that. Sure its fun but then we go home empty handed.

What I don’t get is why she loves this man. He’s a selfish bastard who could care less for her. He listens to nothing anyone in this family says but when it comes to someone else from work he’d easily believe them. If someone from the outside sweet talks him, he’d believe anything that person says. He’s so gullible. That’s why so many take advantage of him. What’s worse is he’s oblivious to that.

This thing is so unorganized so I don’t even know if I make complete sense throughout the whole thing.

Yesss my very first post 🙂

Let’s start this blog off by introducing me, the author who can’t write. So … hi. You can call me LiLi. My age is of no importance. I am of Vietnamese descent (Asian pride chyeaaa 😉 ) My hobbies include drawing and reading manga , specifically yaoi. If you don’t know what that is I’d advised you not to look it up. Just know that I am a supporter of gay rights. I like to write from time to time but I do not know how to put my ideas or thoughts onto paper (if I could write like Edgar Allen Poe I’d be so happy) so the things usually turn out lame and in the trash. I sorta kinda watch football. I like the Saints and the Steelers.  I’m pretty shy and reserved when I associating with strangers in person and through phone but once you get to know me I’d be a totally different person. I’ve been described as crazy, funny, fun, “lesbian” (I’ll explain more in probably the next post), pretty, short, stupid, slow, retarded, and smart.

WARNINGS : In this blog you WILL see NSFW images from time to time. Lots of profanity will also be used.