Call me LiLi. I’m a fujoshi, meaning I have interest in guy on guy action.

Interests/Likes : yaoi, manga, art, weirdly attractive things, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints

Hobbies : drawing, writing, sleeping, eating, volleyball, badminton (i know the rules to neither off them)

Orientation : Straight (possibly bi-curious)

Sex: Female

Age : Still in school

Race : Vietnamese , Asian pride 😉

About : I’m a shitty writer but I still write in hopes of me getting better, though I know for a fact that I cannot improve. I’m a pretty decent artist but if I’m not satisfied with the outcome of a drawing, I will claim to be a shitty artist till I draw something that satisfies me. I know nothing of HTML or graphic designing but I wanna learn the basics before I graduate highschool. I live a pretty calm life since I try to keep the peace by not making too much of things (does that make sense?) . I’ve been described as crazy, fun ,funny, stupid, slow, loud, country, smart, and pretty. When I first meet a person I’ll be shy and all that but once you get to know me better I’ll be all that I just listed. So I’m not good with strangers D: